Introduction to Aunt Martha's


Good day to you all.answering phone

People often ask me ‘What is Aunt Martha’s all about?'

It is an easy question to ask but a difficult one to answer succinctly. 

Is it the food, the gardens, the tea-rooms, the staff?

In truth it is all of these, and perhaps more as you, my guests, become part of the whole experience.

Recognition has come from many quarters, but to me the most important of all is yours.  

The picture I have chosen depicts when I heard that Her Majesty was to visit and entertain a specially selected group of dignatories. 

With kindest regards 

Aunt Martha

Nota Bene

Aunt Martha would like to request that her patrons observe certain elements of dress and decorum.

Whilst guests are not expected to be wearing their formal attire, she would request that they are smartly presented. If you have been walking in the woods then please ensure that evidence of this exercise is left at the door.

For her part, the majority of her establishment is accessible to those who are less able to move around.At the time of your booking please let us know if a wheelchair will be involved as only certain tables would be suitable.   


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