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afternoon teaWhat is on the menu

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Seasonality will affect what is on offer as it would have done in 1897, for example no strawberries between October and April.

We pride ourselves on the fact that what we place before you has been prepared on site using locally sourced ingredients

Allergies and other matters

Providing that we are told in advance we can cater for most food intolerances and dietary choices. Most of what is on our menu can be made acceptable to vegetarians ,

However representing, as we do, a Victorian dining establishment we understand that some guests follow a vegetarian diet as has been the case since Roman times however the concept of Veganism (Vegan Society founded 1944) is still in the future.   

So for those who have chosen to follow a vegan diet, whilst some of our menu may be suited we do not cater specifically for this requirement. If a vegan comes as part of a larger party, then a £5 cover charge will be required which can be offset against food / beverage ordered for that individual.