tea ceremonyFrom across the Empire I have, for your delectation, a fine selection of teas and other beverages. Black, Green, Oolong, Assam & Rooibos Teas are all there along with some Tisanes

Naturally your chosen tea will be brewed exactly as Mrs Beeton recommends that is in a pot with spare hot water for that second or third cup. Some teas can then be purchased from my shop. 

On hot summer days perhaps a cold beverage would be more to your liking then again you can choose from a range of beverages including, just in from the United States of America, Dr Pemberton’s Tonic which, I understand he has distilled from the Coca leaf and Kola nuts

Space does not permit me here to provide details of the

22 different teas

6 coffee blends

THREE Luxury Hot Chocolate Melts

5 cold beverages