About us

Professor & Mrs Treherne


This section is usually about who we are, but thereby hangs the tale for we are all characters from the past as well as the present day.  

A visit to Aunt Martha’s is like a trip into a bygone era, 1897 to be precise. In addition to myself, Lady Nadine, you will meet Miss Hilary and be aware of Chef – he tends to keep his own company,  something to do with his time in Africa he says.

You might also encounter the outdoor servants Old Ned & Master Charles. There are others of whom you will hear – but that is another story which you can discover upon your visit.     


You may be interested to know that Lady Nadine (Nadine) and Old Ned (Philip) are available to come and talk to your group or club.

A range of other guises and different time periods in history and different levels in society form the basis of entertaining and informative talks so there is sure to be someone and a topic to suit.

Each character comes authentically dressed, sometimes  with artefacts and all with lots to see and hear.


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For groups visiting Aunt Martha's a similar facility is also available where some of the talks are on offer.