National Tea Day

Let’s have a cup of tea. It will do us all good and give us time to think.

Drinking tea has become almost a national pastime but only recently has it been decreed that a day of celebration be created. I give you:-

National Tea Day to be observed every year on 21 April – the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the second to celebrate the drinking of tea.

It is to be celebrated in tea rooms, hotels, pubs and cafés throughout the realm by special and charitable fundraising events, including tea tasting festivals. Tea brands and press outlets be encouraged to run promotions and features in conjunction with the day.


The idea was born some 2 years ago and I was part of the first one day event at the Kensington Roof Gardens (for video follow this link. ) as a result of which I was asked to become a formal ambassador for National Tea Day.

The role has already involved an event at the Savoy in London and I will be acting as compare and hostess to this year’s event at Chiswick House on 21/2 April where, amongst many other activities and displays, items from the famous Chitra Collection of Historic Tea Ware will be able to be seen. 

The Japanese and Chinese Tea Ceremonies are founded on order, relaxation and being at peace with oneself and being aware of ones surroundings.

To aid my guests in their appreciation of such matters I have created two experiences namely Mindfulness and Tea Appreciation

My Maître de and myself are on hand to guide you through the selection of our beverages.