Murder Mystery events

murder 1

When dealing with a murder or a mystery, all is never what it at first might seem. The secret is to both believe and not believe.

Thus far we have witnessed a murder in Egypt and another in      Scotland and the case files expected over the next 12 months are     expected to include trips to the circus and the seaside

 To coin a phrase ‘The little grey cells’ need sustenance and this  comes in the form of a fine meal over which to muse, contemplate, question and   participate. The menus have been selected and so all that remains is for  you to answer this simple question  -

 Do I wish to be a party to a murder investigation?  


Our season of murder mystery begins on

Saturday 17th February  with  Till death do us part

There are certain invitations one cannot refuse, even though you feel uncomfortable about them, but why?


murder 2

Saturday 31st  March  with Hop, skip & a jump into murder

Spring has sprung and Easter is upon us, but unfortunately murder is also in the air






Saturday 23rd June with Dip your toe into murdermurder 3

A dip in the sea should be healthy, but this time it proved fatal



murder 4

Saturday 15th  September with Mortem cum risu

Life can be a laugh, but death is no joke


 Saturday 15th  December with Bah humbug murdermurder 6

The Atherton Players interpretation of Dickens’ ’Christmas Carol’ is certainly memorable

Event tickets cost £50