Gentle reader, I ask you

‘Why should the elegance and enjoyment of fine food and fine company be the province only of those who live in the cities of this land?

In truth it should not and therefore I believe that it is my duty to rectify this. Accordingly, I am instigating throughout the year a series of soirees and social evenings

Here are the dates for your social calendar

Saturday 3rd March

Wordsmithery & Bonum Cibum

Will there be a Tatling, Fopdoodle or Salmagundy at the table?


Saturday 28th April

Mad as a Hatter

Alice discovered a world of curious things whilst in Wonderland.

What will you encounter?


Saturday 14th July

Flora, Fauna, Bugs & Butterflies

The forest lays forth its wonders, come and enjoy a delicious meal without fried caterpillars!!


Saturdays 20 & 27th October

Clowns, spiders, rats & bats - these are often the things of nightmares. What nightmarish ideas will surface in this year’s 

Gothic Horrors Soiree?


Saturday 22nd December

Christmas Soiree

The halls are decked, the goose is fat, pray join us for fun and festive foods