A helping hand

knittingThank you for wanting to know more about my ideas

I want to add one more benefit to drinking tea, I want it to help people. There are lots of people who are on society’s scrap heap, perhaps young people who did not achieve at school, those who fell into petty crime but are now wanting to get their lives in order. Also those for whom reaching a certain age has ‘retired’ them onto the scrap heap.

I have a plan using all that makes Aunt Martha’s great and move it onto a new site to help both the young and the not so young. The new site would appear to visitors just as it does now, but behind the ‘ bloomers & plus fours’, training , support and guidance would be there to help these people to live a full and rich life.

In turn the new site will also help the elderly who are not able to get around and are lonely, those who suffer with mental or physical problems in a specially created room ideal for their needs when they visit Aunt Martha’s.

For those involved this will involve learning their new roles and skills and in helping others will be developing themselves.

Going large - how to become that helping hand