tea ceremony2

From across the Empire I have, for your delectation, a fine selection of teas and other beverages.

Black, Green, Oolong, Assam & Rooibos Teas are all there, along with some Tisanes.

Naturally your chosen tea will be brewed exactly as Mrs Beeton recommends; that is in a pot with spare hot water for that second or third cup. Some teas can then be purchased from my shop.

On hot summer days perhaps a cold beverage would be more to your liking then again you can choose from a range of beverages including, just in from the United States of America, Dr Pemberton’s Tonic which, I understand he has distilled from the Coca leaf and Kola nuts

Space does not permit me here to provide idividual details of all our available berverages, but in summary we do have:

22 different teas

6 coffee blends

THREE Luxury Hot Chocolate Melts

5 cold beverages