Gift vouchers & shopping at Aunt Martha's

As well as the full Victorian dining experience, Aunt Martha offers several options for gifts.  Locally produced hand crafts, artisan chutneyss and handicrafts are all available to purchase.

Locally CraftedDSC 56

Second Life is a range of wooden gifts we made using either wood gathered locally or that which has already been used at least once.

From bowls and plates to chess boards and bread boards, Chef & Old Ned work to reveal that which has always been inside that piece of wood




Beautiful Celebration Cakesbaby dragons 2

No celebration is complete without that special cake. From birthdays to weddings you can be assured that a celebration cake from Heartsease at Aunt Martha's will be a joy to behold and then to taste. 

Contact Aunt Martha to talk through what your heart desires.


Gift Vouchersorchids in pot

Giving a gift, the memory of which will linger long, is what we all aim to do.

This is where a Personalised Gift Voucher is ideal.

The voucher can be either for a specific afternoon tea or for a set amout, the choice is yours.  









Unusual Gifts

DSC 0026Of an evening Aunt Martha likes to sit and relax, but her hands are not idle. Using traditional designs and methods wonderful gifts are created.

Additionally we stock locally made soaps and much more.


We produce all of the chutneys and preserves we serve and, subject to availability, these can be purchased in the shop.


Stock is always changing and each item is unique, so if you are looking for that elusive gift for that special person, then pay a visit to Aunt Martha's. Some of the items shown can be ordered and posted by Royal Mail.